International research project on the New Silk Road's implications for higher education and research cooperation between China and Europe


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2 August 2020


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Interview with:

Prof. Dr. William Kirby (Harvard University)

Conducted by The Forum for the Future of Higher Education.

Questions: Where is the relationship between the US and China right now? (00:30–02:31) What has the pandemic done to all these structural concerns that you have already said are underlying this relationship, add to that a global pandemic that starts in China? (02:44–04:30) Because of the nature of the relationship between the US and China, and our inability to cooperate around this pandemic, have people died because of this? (05:09–06:36) What are the measures that went into effect as at the beginning of June was a ban on specific types of graduate students coming from China to study in the US on J1 and F1 visas? Is there going to be an effect that we can measure in the future from what happens when we keep some of their top talent out? (07:00–08:09) What is the ripple effect of fewer Chinese students coming to college campuses in the US in financial terms, especially at a time when it seems that there are so many colleges kind of in the bubble due to the pandemic that might not be able to survive another 18 month? (08:50–11:32) How long do [the US] remain the destination of choice? (11:50–13:47) Have you ever made a speech [in China] and tried to do the George Carlin (1937–2008) greatest hits and all the words you cannot say by saying all the seven things that the university should be talking about to become great universities? (14:00–14:56) How does China internally balance these things out? It wants to be this global leader, but at the same time maintains such strict controls that most of the rest of the world would find repressive. (15:46–17:30) Does the Chinese regime want another four years of president Trump? (17:37–19:52)

The project is carried out by an international consortium coordinated by Utrecht University’s Centre for Global Challenges (UGlobe).

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